There are a large number of metals and metal alloys used in fine and artisan jewelry. Here I discuss many of them, and their strengths and weaknesses.


Some comments

Ring Sizing

Ring sizing is both very precise and very difficult to do.

For one thing, everyone's fingers change sizes over the course of a day, of a year, depending on what they've been eating, and (for women) over the course of a month.The range can be up to a size and a half US, and that's a substantial variation!

Add to that the fact that there are really no universally accpeted standards in terms of sizing; several different methods of determining size (which vary within themselves); and no easy way of compensating for any of this and... well, sometimes it astonishes me that anyone can ever get a ring made that fits well!

I like to do everything I can to ensure that the rings I make fit the wearers accurately and comfortably. For that reason, I prefer to send a set of ring sizers that I trust along when someone commissions a ring; while that can't allow for variations in finger size, it does at least mean that we've agreed upon a size, and we both mean the same thing by that size! I ask for a $10 deposit for the set of sizers within the USA, and will refund $5 of that when the set is returned (the rest covers the postage). (For international orders- which are even trickier!- please contact me about the postage cost.)

Even with data from my set of sizers, I can't guarnatee a precise fit unless I have measured your finger in person; I do, however, have an excellent track record in creating rings that fit well. I use some techiques in their construction to help my rings work with the normal size variations fingers undergo.

I live in the USA, and am most comfortable working with US ring sizes or with metric data (circumference or diameter measurements precise to at least 0.1mm). If you have British or Eurpoean ring size data, I will ask you to translate that to either US sizes or to metric information, and will make your ring(s) based on that. Considering that I have not found any consistent ways to translate European or British ring sizes to data I trust, I can promise that I will make a ring that meets your specifications- but cannot promise that it will fit properly, since the data seems all over the map. I really recommend borrowing a set of ring sizers!

When you have some reliable ring sizers, especially if they are plastic, remember that your ring will likely be smoother and heavier than the sizers are. Therefore, a size that barely stays on the finger in a sizer will likely be too big in a ring. This gets complicated by width; generally people can wear a full quarter-size smaller ring if it's narrow than is comfortable in a wider ring. Many wider rings, though, are sculpted on the inside to help correct for this phenomenon, such as I do in my Mobius and other wide or heavy rings. (One brand name for this sculpting is called "Comfort Fit.")

Important: if you are in doubt about the size, it is always best to choose a size that is slightly small. Any local jeweler can easily stretch a ring, up to a half or a full size (depending on the metal). It is much, much harder to reduce the size of a ring- that requires removing a piece of metal and re-joining the ends, and many stones cannot tolerate the heat that this requires. So if you are unsure about the size- go small!

I do guarantee that I will make the ring to your specifications. I cannot guarantee that it will fit you, always and comfortably. Please keep the above information in mind when determining your size. I repeat- ring sizing is tricky!

Guarantees, Returns, etc.

For commissioned work, please visit my page devoted to commissioning, or email me with your questions.

In general: commissioned work is not returnable.

For other work: I will accept returns within 30 days of purchase and in new and unworn condition. Please contact me via email about your situation (including an explanation of the reason you want to return it), and to get an authorization.

I cannot offer refunds for any pieces that are returned without authorization.

There may be a restocking fee of 15%, and shipping charges are not refundable; if the item is not new and unworn condition, additional fees may be applied. Please contact me if you are interested in this, so we can work out the best approach for us both.

If we agree on a return, you will need to send the UNWORN piece back to me in the original packaging, all of which are in new condition; I cannot accept returns of used pieces. Please send it back insured and with tracking and signature confirmation of delivery; I am not responsible for anything that gets lost in the mail. The shipping fees will not be refunded for returns, and such returns may be subject to a restocking fee of 15%, or whatever is necessary to return them to sale-able condition.

I do good work, and no piece leaves my studio without being checked multiple times for sturdiness and appropriateness for normal wear. Some individual pieces have vulnerabilities, and I will discuss these on their pages, or in email if you prefer. If you have a problem, I will work with you to resolve it. However, fine jewelry will not necessarily hold up to extraordinary wear or abuse, and while I will repair such if it happens, it will require a fee.


I work hard to make my pieces wearable and durable. If I err there, I am happy to work with you to come to a satisfying result.

However, I cannot guarantee my work against extraordinary wear and tear, nor against the results of normal wear (like small scratches on a ring worn daily). If one of my pieces has a problem, please let me know email, and we will work together to resolve it.

I hope my feedback score on Etsy is reassuring here! It is very important to me to make excellent and durable jewelry, and to be responsive to my customers' needs.