Wingnuts: Blue, Red, Green

With the upcoming elections, what better time to flaunt your political leanings? These wingnut lapel pins poke fun while offering a flashy statement about which way your chad is punched.

There's red for Republicans, blue for Democrats, and green for... well, I'm sure you know which party. Choose garnet or blue lab sapphires to add a little extra bling to your ballot, available on an individual basis.

Unsure which party to go for, or perhaps sick of the whole political process? Choose white moonstone or black onyx, perfect for the noncommittal!

These wingnut lapel pins were made from functional wingnuts. I took the brass version from the hardware store and polished and sculpted a carefully selected one, giving me a master from which these versions are cast. The original was somewhat awkward in shape; I modified the lines to make it more streamlined and appealing. Please see the close-ups below for details of some of the color options.

Comes in gift box. Please allow a week for creating your pin.

Sterling silver, base metal spike, white metal flat catch; stone: your choice of lapis lazuli, carnelian, jade (other options available).

This is also available as a pendant.

For sale: $55 US. Please email me for details.

Wingnut: Blue
Richly blue lapis lazuli accents the Blue wingnut.
Wingnut: Red
Glowing red carnelian sets off the Red wingnut.
Wingnut: Green

Green jade is the choice for the Green wingnut.