These lockets are designed to hold scent-infused pads, for either perfume or aroma therapy purposes. I became intrigued with the concept when I started to explore the world of unique perfumes via BPAL, or the Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory. An issue with such scents is that sometimes a scent smells delightful but reacts badly with one's own body chemistry; if this happens, a scent locket can solve the problem, since one's body heat diffuses the scent, but the locket prevents it from coming into contact with one's skin.

Since many people like to change the scents they wear from day to day, or occasion to occasion, these lockets were designed to make that easy.

I would be very happy to make you a locket with your own special symbol or design; please email me if you're interested!

Note: I have some prototype scent lockets made during my first experiments with this design: 2 each of the Gothic, and a slightly different Rose pattern. I would be happy to sell these for a discounted price; if you are interested, please email me, and we can discuss the details.

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Heart: Scent Locket

Flying Crow 3: Scent Locket

Moon: Scent Locket
Gothic: Scent Locket   Filigree Scent Locket
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Soaring Crow 2: Scent Locket Rose 1: Scent Locket


Soaring Crow 1: Scent Locket

Rose 2: Scent Locket